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Nov 30, 2017 10:42:06 AM by InitLive

Winter Update: Fun Face Lifts & Exciting, New Improvements

InitLive-improvementsAs a season of festivities approaches, we want nothing more than to see our customers smile. The InitLive team has been working hard to deliver tons of new improvements to do just that! 😊

So in between attending holiday parties and snacking on gingerbread, be sure to pop into your InitLive account to see all of our fun face lifts.


Filter-by-roles.png1) OMG it's here!👏  Filter Your Event Schedule by Role

Want to see (and edit) all of your shifts when bartenders are working? What about your set up and tear down crew? Supervisors? No matter what shifts you're looking for, we've got you covered with our new filter schedule by role feature. Get ready for some huge time savings with this one!

2) Assign Roles & Qualifications More Efficiently

We've refreshed the lay-out for staff roles and qualifications to make staff visibility and set-up more convenient than ever before. As you click into each role or qualification, you'll see a beautiful lay-out containing an editable description, settings, and list of assigned staff. Need to edit the staff assigned to these roles/quals in bulk? Use the search bar to find who you're looking for or 'select all' to make those edits quickly.

3) For Lightning-Fast Page Load Times ⚡

Large-scale events contain a lot of data and that can mean longer load times. That's why we've made your event staff lists, organization staff lists, and schedules load lightning fast using pagination! So, the next time you're working with a list of 2000 volunteers, you can adjust whether you see 10 contacts at a time, 25, or all the way up to 100!


Shift Titles

4) Why You'll Love the Calendar View (Even More!) 😍

Let's face it, as event planners, it's hard not to love a good looking calendar. The InitLive calendar just got even more lovable with the ability to add Shift Titles to each of your color-coded shifts. Pretty colors + extremely useful information = event planning bliss!


Easy Image Cropping

5) A No-Fuss, Plug & Play Crop Tool For Branding Your Event

We wanted to make branding as easy as possible for your InitLive profile. That's why we decided that you should be able to upload photos (of any size, aspect ratio, etc.) without any fuss. Now, InitLive does all the resizing for you and then you have the option to crop your image the way you like it. Hooray for plug and play!



6) Access Staff Profiles No Matter Where You Are In The System

Gone are the days when you could only access Staff Profiles from the Staff List Tab. Now, whenever you see staff listed as part of a role, qualification, or shift, you can click their name to see more details. 



All in all, we hope these features make you smile and that you have an upcoming season that's merry and bright.

🎄 🍴 ⛄ 🎁 ❄ 🎅 👪 🎶 🔔 👧 👦 🌟

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