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What's New?

Your hub for InitLive news, product updates & more!

What's New?

Your hub for InitLive news, product updates & more!

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Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens.
Innovative technology and customer-driven enhancements. 
Staff lists that filter by t-shirt size and more...
These are a few of our favorite things!


InitLive's new advanced filtering options and bulk action functionality will have you singing by the end of this post!

CustomFilters.png1) Never Before Seen Filtering Technology

InitLive Registration Forms just got way more powerful! Why? Because, now, every time you create a custom question on the Registration Form, a custom filter "auto-magically" appears on your staff list to help you find/filter through that information easily. For example, should you create an "Availability" question for your volunteers to fill out, you will now be able to filter to see which staff checked off specific time slots directly within the InitLive portal. 


Filters Based on Question Types

InitLive's new advanced filtering technology supports all question types within your Registration form. Whether you're using drop-down questions, multi-select, date pickers or photo/document uploads, our filters allow you to find the responses you're looking for.

Drill Down Your Filtering By Sub-Questions

Just when you thought you might be able to stump our filtering features, you didn't! 😂  InitLive's new filtering allows you to drill-down on questions that have sub-questions (i.e. Question: Are you available on Day 1? Sub-Question: If so, which time slot?). In just one click, filter by this sub-question to see which staff are available during specific time slots on Day 1. 

2) Bulk Actions for Lightning-Fast Scheduling

Setting up your staff and communicating just got lightning-fast! Whether you've filtered your staff list or not, select multiple (or all) staff to perform a variety of bulk actions.

Add / Remove Roles in Bulk

Select multiple staff and assign any number of Roles to those staff.

Add / Remove Qualifications in Bulk

You guessed it! Select multiple staff and assign any number of Qualifications to those staff.


Bulk Add / Remove Roles to Shifts

Apply all the necessary Roles to your shifts in just a few clicks!



3) Access All Custom Question Data from the Mobile App

No matter how many custom questions you've created, access all of this valuable volunteer data from the app on event day! 


When t-shirt orders are due,
When the some staff have allergies,
When you want to assign Roles to those who are an undergrad...
Simply remember these favorite things and then you won't feel so bad! 😄 

For a personalized demonstration of these features and more, get a demo!

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Topics: Volunteer Management, Event Technology

InitLive-improvementsAs a season of festivities approaches, we want nothing more than to see our customers smile. The InitLive team has been working hard to deliver tons of new improvements to do just that! 😊

So in between attending holiday parties and snacking on gingerbread, be sure to pop into your InitLive account to see all of our fun face lifts.


Filter-by-roles.png1) OMG it's here!👏  Filter Your Event Schedule by Role

Want to see (and edit) all of your shifts when bartenders are working? What about your set up and tear down crew? Supervisors? No matter what shifts you're looking for, we've got you covered with our new filter schedule by role feature. Get ready for some huge time savings with this one!

2) Assign Roles & Qualifications More Efficiently

We've refreshed the lay-out for staff roles and qualifications to make staff visibility and set-up more convenient than ever before. As you click into each role or qualification, you'll see a beautiful lay-out containing an editable description, settings, and list of assigned staff. Need to edit the staff assigned to these roles/quals in bulk? Use the search bar to find who you're looking for or 'select all' to make those edits quickly.

3) For Lightning-Fast Page Load Times ⚡

Large-scale events contain a lot of data and that can mean longer load times. That's why we've made your event staff lists, organization staff lists, and schedules load lightning fast using pagination! So, the next time you're working with a list of 2000 volunteers, you can adjust whether you see 10 contacts at a time, 25, or all the way up to 100!


Shift Titles

4) Why You'll Love the Calendar View (Even More!) 😍

Let's face it, as event planners, it's hard not to love a good looking calendar. The InitLive calendar just got even more lovable with the ability to add Shift Titles to each of your color-coded shifts. Pretty colors + extremely useful information = event planning bliss!


Easy Image Cropping

5) A No-Fuss, Plug & Play Crop Tool For Branding Your Event

We wanted to make branding as easy as possible for your InitLive profile. That's why we decided that you should be able to upload photos (of any size, aspect ratio, etc.) without any fuss. Now, InitLive does all the resizing for you and then you have the option to crop your image the way you like it. Hooray for plug and play!



6) Access Staff Profiles No Matter Where You Are In The System

Gone are the days when you could only access Staff Profiles from the Staff List Tab. Now, whenever you see staff listed as part of a role, qualification, or shift, you can click their name to see more details. 



All in all, we hope these features make you smile and that you have an upcoming season that's merry and bright.

🎄 🍴 ⛄ 🎁 ❄ 🎅 👪 🎶 🔔 👧 👦 🌟

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Industry leading live event management software company, Marcato Digital Solutions, teams with volunteer management software and app, InitLive. The partnership is providing a 10% discount to new accounts.

“We’re incredibly passionate about serving event organizers with cutting-edge technology that will produce bigger, better, and safer events. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to be working with the Marcato team to achieve just that,” said Victoria McGlone, InitLive’s Director of Global Sales.

Both Canadian companies currently share one client, the Edmonton Heritage Festival. “Combining Marcato’s event management tools with InitLive’s real-time communication system is giving event organizers everything they need to plan their festival. We are beyond excited to grow this partnership,” said Natasha Hillier, Marcato’s Chief Operations Officer.

Marcato key features:

  • Talent Management & Show Scheduling - Manage an event’s artists or talent. From first submissions to final payments. 
  • Content Management - Automatically keep all of talent lineups, showtimes, venue info, bios up-to-date across all major content platforms, including website and mobile app. 
  • Credential, Production, Asset & Catering Management

InitLive key features:

  • Volunteer Registration & Signup - Save time recruiting using InitLive’s fully customizable registration process.
  • Smart Communication - As shift assignments are made or changed, all applicable staff will be automatically notified and reminded.
  • Real-time Updates - Have full visibility over day-of event operations using InitLive’s mobile app.

Marcato Digital Solutions is a Canadian company that specializes in the creation and development of web-based management solutions designed to maximize efficiency in the live event industry. Since 2008, it has been used in over 25 countries around the world by festivals including Coachella, Osheaga, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Iceland Airwaves, Greenbelt, HebCelt Festival, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Festival No. 6, and c/o Pop.  

InitLive was founded in 2013 by Debbie & Melissa Pinard, a mother-daughter duo. Between using tools like spreadsheets, walkie-talkies, and simply running around on-site, Melissa and Debbie knew there had to be a better way. InitLive is the only company that equips event managers, event staff and volunteers with both a comprehensive scheduling service and a real-time communication system. The hard work of the company has resulted in numerous industry awards, four granted patents, and a rapidly growing customer base around the world.


Interested in partnering with InitLive? 

Visit our partnership page


Topics: Partnerships

Custom Registration Forms - Volunteer ManagementInitLive’s new signup process gives event managers the power to screen staff and volunteers via custom questions during the recruitment process. Now, managers can publish a form to their event signup page with an unlimited number of questions and collect responses. This new process not only saves time by reducing the number of communication touchpoints and follow-ups for managers to make, but also provides staff & volunteers a convenient and easy way to signup!

DividerLineShadow.pngWhat Managers Will See:
A Customizable Recruitment Process


Recruitment Using Custom Questions

Use Custom Questions to collect event-specific data. For example, ask about preferred shift times/availability, preferred roles, t-shirt size, if accommodations are required, dietary preferences, what language(s) they speak, allow group signup, etc.- the sky's the limit! Curious to see what your staff will see? Preview your signup page anytime.



Open or Close Event Registration

Configure your signup workflow according to your event needs:

1) Closed Registration State: When you're not yet ready for the floodgates to open and start having people sign up for your event, keep your registration closed. Customize the messaging on your signup page to let people know when registration will be open. You can also use the closed state to manually add specific staff before allowing everyone else to sign up.

2) Open Registation State: Woohoo! The floodgates are open! Volunteers will be able to visit your event signup page and submit their required information. From there, you can choose to allow registrants to select their roles & shift times immediately after filling out the registration form, thus enabling self-signup OR you can block this step (ie. if you want to approve applicants first and/or if you want to manually schedule people).



Collect & Organize Responses

This is where the magic really begins! As you receive form responses from your staff and volunteers, you can use that data however you like! Access responses through individual staff profiles, or, export the responses to .CSV for other uses. Use this valuable volunteer information to help you schedule your event volunteers quickly and efficiently, and to document your volunteer needs (i.e. # of t-shirts to order for each size). 


DividerLineShadow.pngWhat Staff/Volunteers Will See:
A Custom Event Signup Page


Get ready to "wow" your staff and volunteers with a personalized event signup page. Now, when you share your event recruitment link, staff are taken to a customized, mobile-friendly, webpage where they are guided through an intuitive signup process.

Customize Your Event Signup Page By...

  • Inserting custom instructions, descriptions & thank you messages for your staff
  • Representing your event brand by setting a unique cover photo & event logo
  • Including custom registration questions for your staff to complete
  • Changing the order of your questions (drag & drop)
  • Requiring answers for specific questions
  • Representing your event brand by setting a unique cover photo & event logo


We know how important it is to make a great first impression to your staff and volunteers. That's why we're excited to be offering a signup process that is simple, intuitive, attractive, and memorable.

Want to see more?

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With the influx of natural disasters in the past couple months - hurricanes, floods, etc. -InitLive has been reaching out to help. After Hurricane Harvey hit, InitLive partnered with Keller Williams to coordinate over 3,500 of their volunteers for Texas flood relief. Within minutes of opening registration and sharing a sign-up link, thousands of people were signing up for roles and shifts. After signing up, these volunteers knew where they needed to be, when to get there, and what they would be doing. Once on-site, all staff could check-in via the InitLive mobile app, indicating to the volunteer managers the attendance rate for each shift. Whenever new supply shipments came in, the managers could also broadcast that information to all applicable teams. Likewise, when supplies were needed, volunteers could notify their supervisors no matter where they were on-site. To learn more about these efforts, visit our news article here or watch the interview below.
InitLive-disaster-relief-effortsFacilitating disaster relief efforts is a massive undertaking - not only do you have to plan logistics, you need to recruit helpers, tell them what to do, and how to do it - all while getting everything done as soon as possible. That's where InitLive comes in. With a volunteer management software, scheduling and recruiting thousands of helpers suddenly becomes simple and much more efficient. The same is true with on-site communication - you and your operations team can easily communicate with any number of volunteers via email and text message, and those volunteers can easily communicate back. Disaster relief, by its nature, is hard to plan ahead for. That's why it's important to have a tool that allows you to make spontaneous plans and alert your team. 

The entire team at InitLive believes in helping people over profits and, as part of that, we're prepared to offer our software at heavily discounted rates. Our goal is to help disaster relief coordinators make the biggest impact possible as they diligently help those in need.

Are you being affected by a recent disaster? InitLive would like to help!
Contact us via our form or contact Victoria.McGlone@initlive.com directly.

Contact Us


Topics: disaster relief

2017 InitLive Summer UpdatesExperience improvements that help event managers and staff increase productivity. 



Post Event Messaging

You can now thank your staff after the event is over! Send email messages post-event to your staff using the "Send Message" Action on the Staff List.



Organization Level Database

Keep a record of all staff recruited for your event at the Organization Level. If a Staff has been recruited or removed from your event, their information will still be stored under “My Organizations”.




New Check-In Dashboard
Check-In Administrators have a brand new dashboard! Check-In Administrators can easily check in-and-out staff from the new Staff List Tile.


Contact Tile Makeover
Staff have a new, more intuitive contact tile. Depending on the Manager’s permissions, Staff can quickly message their Event Manager, Supervisor, and upcoming Shift Supervisors. 

Other General Improvements

  • Shift Titles and Role Descriptions are now visible to Staff and Managers throughout the web & mobile apps
  • Quickly unschedule Staff from their Profile Popup on the Web
  • We’ve added ‘Copy Event’ to our Professional Services
  • Helper question marks available throughout the web to help users with onboarding
  • General Messaging Improvements for Event Managers and Staff when Shifts are updated, edited, etc during a Live Event
  • Enhanced security for InitLive Services
  • General stability improvements on the web
  • Optimized Filtering on the web & mobile apps
  • General speed improvements made to the ‘Copy from Previous Events’ features

InitLive-2016-features-1.pngThe holidays are right around the corner. What better time to reflect on all of the excitement we’ve had at InitLive this past year?

It’s been another big year of updates, new features, and improvements thanks to all of the wonderful event profs using InitLive and sharing their input and ideas with us. We can’t thank you enough!

Waiver Management


In April we added the option to include a custom waiver to your event! Waiver management helps ensure that all staff and volunteers have accepted your terms before they are able to access your event.

Smart Filters
August saw the addition of smart filtering on your Staff List from the InitLive web platform. Take it a step further by using the “Take Action” button to export a report, send a message, and more.

Internal Notes & Star Ratings


Beginning in September, Event Managers, Shift Supervisors, and Check-in Administrators were able to track staff and volunteer performance using Internal Notes and Star Ratings.

Copy & Move Shifts
The biggest, best, and most exciting feature was released this month! In early December we announced that Event Managers can now save even more time by taking bulk actions from the Schedule tab, including copying shifts across multiple event days.

Other Key Improvements:
InitLive is constantly working to make managing your event staff and volunteers a breeze. Other highlights from the year include:

  • En Francais! We’ve localized InitLive and now offer both the web and mobile app entirely in French.

  • Event Documents - Upload important files to your InitLive event to give the whole team easy access on the go!

  • Send an In-App Message to communicate with staff and volunteers one-to-one.

  • The Organization Staff List lets you keep a comprehensive database of all of the volunteers in your Organization.

  • Shift Supervisors gained access to more in-app features with the new Shift Supervisor Dashboard!


What will the new year bring?

We aren’t slowing down in 2017. We have big plans for the new year and will continue to update you with improvements and additions to the InitLive system. Thank you for making 2016 so wonderful!

To view a more comprehensive list of InitLive features, check out our features page!

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