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Jul 10, 2017 4:20:29 PM by InitLive

Summer 2017 Feature Release: A Better Experience

2017 InitLive Summer UpdatesExperience improvements that help event managers and staff increase productivity. 



Post Event Messaging

You can now thank your staff after the event is over! Send email messages post-event to your staff using the "Send Message" Action on the Staff List.



Organization Level Database

Keep a record of all staff recruited for your event at the Organization Level. If a Staff has been recruited or removed from your event, their information will still be stored under “My Organizations”.




New Check-In Dashboard
Check-In Administrators have a brand new dashboard! Check-In Administrators can easily check in-and-out staff from the new Staff List Tile.


Contact Tile Makeover
Staff have a new, more intuitive contact tile. Depending on the Manager’s permissions, Staff can quickly message their Event Manager, Supervisor, and upcoming Shift Supervisors. 

Other General Improvements

  • Shift Titles and Role Descriptions are now visible to Staff and Managers throughout the web & mobile apps
  • Quickly unschedule Staff from their Profile Popup on the Web
  • We’ve added ‘Copy Event’ to our Professional Services
  • Helper question marks available throughout the web to help users with onboarding
  • General Messaging Improvements for Event Managers and Staff when Shifts are updated, edited, etc during a Live Event
  • Enhanced security for InitLive Services
  • General stability improvements on the web
  • Optimized Filtering on the web & mobile apps
  • General speed improvements made to the ‘Copy from Previous Events’ features