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Jun 5, 2018 8:30:00 AM by InitLive

System-Wide Update: Helping You Produce Bigger & Better Events - Fast!

Volunteer Management, InitLive

Feature ReleaseYou have several events/activities coming up that you need to deploy staff to.

Deadlines are looming. The pressure is high.

Grab a chair. Put your feet up. Because these GIANT updates to the InitLive system are about to relieve you of all your staff & volunteer management burdens! From seamless staff onboarding to detailed self-serve reports, efficiency and growth are our goals for you & your team.

Here's what you have to look forward to the next time you login to InitLive:

Do you see what I see?
Yes! InitLive now has a universal portal for all managers and staff. Have full confidence over what your staff are seeing because both managers and staff now land on the same homepage upon login. The information users see will be based on the organizations and events they are part of as well as their permissions.

A master list for all your recruits
Have staff who you know will work your events later this year, but not just yet? Perhaps you want to recruit all year round for all of your events? Use InitLive to build an organization level staff list that isn’t tied to any events. When you’re ready, start adding them to events - fast!

More flexible than your neighbour’s cat
Event requirements vary, so having a highly configurable tool couldn’t be more important. Achieve greater flexibility over your events and data through bulk actions and the ability to control permissions, visibility, sign-up workflows, staff minimums and maximums per shift or event, email communications & more. This applies to the InitLive mobile app too - toggle your settings to go ‘LIVE' - activating the app - anytime.

Say goodbye to a flooded inbox & hello to rapid onboarding
Let’s face it, your managing team never has time to be buried with volunteer inquiries. Staff will now be carried through your custom signup workflow and prompted to fill out your required questions. After staff have signed up for shifts, they can easily download their schedule to have on file. With this new and intuitive process, stay focused on your event priorities, experience rapid staff onboarding, an increase in signups and a focused inbox.

Approve 😄 / reject 😢 applicants
Sometimes certain applicants just don’t make the cut. Develop a high-quality Organization Staff List by vetting staff using InitLive’s new applications feature. When you need to reject applicants, you can also send them a personalized message to let them know why/what their missing requirements are. Rejected applications then go into a separate list for you to refer to just in case you change your mind.

No more seeing double! ...unless you want to
In general, having staff who are double-booked is bad news! Toggle your settings to prevent staff from belonging to overlapping shifts. When staff are selecting their own shifts, they will be instantly notified and prevented from double-booking themselves.

Maximize sign-ups across multiple events
Introducing public event listings that you can make visible to all staff within your organization. So, when your staff login, they will be able to browse through your upcoming public listings and sign-up if registration is open! Better yet, staff will not need to re-input information that has already been collected from them. Hooray for enabling staff to be proactive and do more!

He said, she said...Ever wonder what was said on-site?
Get ready to unveil communication patterns of managers and staff with the new Communications report. This report includes all messaging that was exchanged, via the InitLive mobile app, paired with timestamps. Leverage this data to keep a "paper trail" for liability purposes, stay accountable, look for areas to improve, see how emergencies were handled, and remember why certain things happened.

Always know when your staff clocked in and clocked out
After each of your events, generate a check-in / check-out log at the click of a button. This will provide you with an exact timestamp for the comings and goings for every staff member. Use this information to track volunteer hours or for payroll purposes.

Next steps:
What are you waiting for? Go log in and check this new portal out, or watch a demo to see how InitLive takes the heavy lifting out of staff scheduling and communication!

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