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Generate More Signups & Seamlessly Fill Your Schedule

InitLive helps you recruit the right talent and roster your event in the half the time. Attract volunteers and fill your event needs fast with an inviting event registration page, intuitive signup process and more.

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Generate More Signups & Seamlessly Fill Your Schedule

InitLive helps you recruit the right talent and roster your event in the half the time. Attract volunteers and fill your event needs fast with an inviting event registration page, intuitive signup process and more.

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Attract volunteers with beautiful signup pages


Increase signups with a user-friendly registration


Reduce communication touchpoints


Collect the volunteer info you need

See InitLive’s powerful recruitment features in action

Watch a demo of InitLive to learn how InitLive will help you build up your staff list in half the time!

Watch a Demo

Increase signups across all of your events

The recruitment phase is often a stressful battle to fill positions and shifts. Minimize the barriers to getting people to signup - InitLive’s signup & recruitment process is designed to attract staff & volunteers with its accessible, attractive and intuitive interface. Watch a demo →

Create attractive public event pages

Give prospective volunteers the ultimate first impression. Create an attractive public event page in minutes to accurately convey your brand with important details, event profile and cover photos, and messaging.

Present additional signup opportunities

Have several events that you want staff in your organization to signup for? Display multiple signup opportunities for staff to see whenever they sign-in.

Avoid volunteer confusion

Leverage a signup workflow that reduces your administrative workload by eliminating volunteer confusion. InitLive’s step-by-step signup process is designed to be simple - even for your least tech-savvy volunteers.


 Learn how to take your event to the next level!

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The most efficient way to collect important staff info

Avoid administrative inefficiencies, that frustrate both managers and staff, by collecting important information from staff during the signup process. The InitLive signup workflow makes this step easy to integrate into your recruitment process.  Watch a demo →


Customize your registration form

The needs of every event are different. Include waivers & custom questions for your registration form (i.e. allergies, availability, etc.) to collect the info you need to optimize shift assignments & staff experience while meeting legal requirements.

Minimize communication touch-points

Never waste time chasing staff & volunteers for completed waivers and additional information. Use InitLive to customize your signup process to collect everything you need at once.

Make returning volunteers smile (& prevent duplicate data!)

Repetitive form filling for returning volunteers can be a turn-off. Once volunteers have provided their information through a signup form the first time, the same fields will already be pre-populated when signing up for more opportunities.

On average, our customers experience...


Reduction in staff no-shows


Increase in staff engagement


Increase in productivity

Choose how you onboard staff

Whether your organization already has a long staff list that it’s working with or requires 500+ new volunteers for an upcoming event, InitLive helps you get started quickly. Watch a demo →

Import staff lists you already have

Already have a staff list that you want to start managing better? Upload them to your InitLive database to start scheduling and communicating with them immediately.

Customize the self-signup process

Whether you want to allow prospective volunteers to completely self-serve (select their own roles, qualifications, availability, and shifts), or you only want them to fill out a form, toggle on or off the steps that are most important to you.

Accept / reject applications

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good fit for your team. Set up an application process for staff and volunteers to become a part of your organization’s staff list. As people apply, quickly accept or reject applicants from your application list.


Start spreading the news!

When you’re in need of new volunteers, it’s important to get the word out to the masses. InitLive makes spreading the news of your staffing needs convenient so that you can fill those positions sooner rather than later. Watch a demo →


Share your custom signup link

Make your signup opportunities easy to find by sharing them everywhere! With every signup page you create, InitLive generates a custom signup URL for you & your volunteers to share on your website, social media platforms & print media.

Invite them via email

You may have a large staff database, but are unsure who would want to work a certain event. Use InitLive to send staff custom email invitations containing your signup link.

List all of your signup opportunities

When your organization has many events to fill, certain opportunities can get lost in the shuffle. Use InitLive’s Opportunity listings to have additional signup opportunities appear when your volunteers login.

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Folk West
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St. Louis Art Fair
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Academy of Country Music Festival

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