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Event Registration, Sign-up & Recruitment

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Event Registration, Sign-up & Recruitment

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Custom Registration Form

Create a custom form to collect staff/volunteer information.

Event Registration Question

Custom Questions

Create an unlimited amount of Custom Questions and Sub-Questions. Choose from a variety of answer types including short text, paragraph text, multi-select, dropdown, attachment, waiver and more! 

Template Questions

Use InitLive template questions to quickly generate a form. Template questions include T-shirt size, birthday, emergency contact information, and more!
Form Permissions

Open or Close Event Registration

Customize your signup workflow by opening or closing your event registration. Ready to let people sign up? Open registration to allow people to start submitting their information. Learn more
Customize Event Form

Customize the Look & Feel

Drag & drop the order of questions, require questions, set a unique cover photo & event logo for the signup page and insert custom instructions for your staff.  Learn more

Form Responses

Access and edit responses through personal profiles, or, Export answers to a .CSV. 

Preview Form

Preview the form before you publish it.  Once the form is published, you can still make changes to it. 

The Volunteer Sign-up Process

Customize your sign-up workflow by allowing staff to sign themselves up, or by managing shift assignments yourself.

Manually Schedule

Already know who you want for specific roles and when you need them? Assign Qualifications, Roles, and Shifts yourself.

  • Import staff lists from a spreadsheet

  • Add staff to roles & shifts in bulk

  • Send personal schedules in one click

Simplified Staff Recruitment

InitLive provides the right tools to make recruitment easy.


Generate a custom sign-up link to put on your event website


Send customized email invitations


Promote your event on social media from the InitLive software

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