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Running Sporting Events?

InitLive enhances communication with volunteers over wide-spread areas.


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Whether you're planning a city wide race, a weeklong tournament, or an international sporting competition, connect your event team from anywhere.


Create a complex schedule including overlapping shifts across multiple venues and locations.


Easy volunteer sign-up for fast and effective recruitment.


When you have no-show volunteers, find a qualified replacement.


Broadcast messages to targeted team members across your entire event site.

Empower staff & volunteers by connecting them.

InitLive will help you create an effective and efficient volunteer / staff management process.

Enhance Event

Solve problems with individual
or targeted group communication


Event Safety
and Security

Know who's on site and handle
discrete issues with the right
team members.


Gain Control
of Your Team

Know where your team is posted
and reposition staff and
volunteers on the fly.

Event Team Software for Sporting Events

InitLive helps your major sporting event be better organized through providing the best solution for communicating with staff and volunteers. Have the freedom to build a complex schedule with overlapping shifts, recruit volunteers, and send emails messages. On event day, know which volunteers are checked in and communicate with them at the touch of a button, no matter where they are across your venue. Amidst all of the activity, feel in control of your event team.

What Types of Sporting Events Can Use InitLive?

  • Marathon

  • Race

  • Triathlon

  • Bike Race

  • City Wide Race

  • Runs

  • Obstacle Course

  • Tournament

  • Motorsport Event
  • Golf Tournament

  • Hockey Tournament

  • Soccer Tournament

  • Basketball Tournament

  • Rugby Tournament

  • Football Tournament

  • Biathlon

  • Special Olympics

  • City Wide Sporting Event

  • Community Sporting Event

  • Fundraising Walk

  • Walkathon

  • Games

  • Olympics

  • World Cup

  • Highland Games

  • Major League

  • Equestrian Event

  • University Sport

  • Championship

  • Rodeo

  • Derby

  • Athletic Event

  • Teams and Leagues

...and more!

See for yourself how InitLive will transform your event operations.

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