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InitLive for Sporting Events

Roster A Winning Team Of Volunteers And Event Staff

A Solution for All Sporting Events 

Whether you are planning an endurance event or sporting tournament we have a solution to meet your specific needs. We provide solutions for sporting events of all shapes and sizes:

Athletes: From kids to amateurs or professionals
Host: Club, league, city, country or international
Events: Tournaments, races, championships
Sport: Golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, rugby, football, baseball endurance or obstacle races, multi-sport


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Square 6 with Hockey - SPORTS-min
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Golf in Dubai
World Juniors Girls Championship

 Learn how Indy Premier Soccer Club scaled up their annual tournament by 50%


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Plan a Successful Event

No matter the sporting event, planning and managing an event comes with the same challenges and objectives. A star team of volunteers and event staff can help you achieve:

An increase in participants or teams year over year
A higher-quality event over the competition
An excellent reputation among participants and spectators

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Ready, Set, Register

Streamline the sign-up process with customizable and branded web-based registration portal and give volunteers ownership over their shift selection with self-sign-up.


Roster A Winning Team

“Smart Scheduling” allows you to schedule people based on their unique skills and availability, ensuring you match the right people to the right roles.


Stay On The Ball

Maintain full control with InitLive's event day app, communicate with your team, update your schedule on the fly and see everything in real-time.


Make The Leaderboard

Optimize your event through multiple venue management, streamlined administration, and robust reporting to scale year over year.

Differentiate with InitLive

InitLive can help you host a winning sporting event through a top-notch volunteer management program that will enable your sporting event to:

Provide a safe and quality attendee experience through a flawlessly planned and executed event.
Build a reliable network of skilled, loyal & committed volunteers.
Optimize your event to scale year over year.

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What Customers are Saying 

Communicate The Facts
"It has made an absolutely massive difference in logistically managing & coordinating all our volunteers as the week goes for 8 days over 2 weeks...we're going to continue using the system next year, keep growing our event, and keep helping women's hockey get bigger and better.”

Hayley Wickenheiser
 Hayley Wickenheiser
Wickhenheiser Female World Hockey Festival 



Scale Up By 50

“Not only were we able to combine our smaller events, but we were able to grow from 250 teams to 350 teams in a year."

Read Their Success Story
Matt Schlake, Director of Events
Indy Premier Soccer

Eliminate The Blindspot
I strongly support their system as it allowed us to know instantaneously where we stood with volunteer necessities along with having a clear overview of scheduling at any moment throughout the Championship.”

Andrew Donaldson
World Junior Girls Golf Championship

 Learn how to take your event to the next level!

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