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The Complete Volunteer Management Guide For Nonprofits 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the volunteer management life cycle and help you create an exceptional volunteer program that will help you retain and motivate your volunteers. 
The Complete Volunteer Management Guide For Nonprofits

Download The Complete Volunteer Management Guide For Nonprofits

Take Your Volunteer Program The Next Level 

InitLive works with Nonprofits to build an exceptional volunteer program. 

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Provide a quality experience through a flawlessly planned and executed event & program.
Build a reliable network of skilled, loyal & committed volunteers.
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Optimize your event & program to scale year over year.

Learn how Social Media Examiner was able to increase its conference's volunteer team by 200%.


" InitLive really allows us to focus on the goals of our
volunteers and the goals of events and not get bogged
down with all the logistical details that go into scheduling
tracking and communicating with 200 people”
Jaci Feinstein, Event Manager  

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