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The Volunteer & Event Staff Recruitment Guide For Festivals

Your event staff and volunteers are the faces of your festival, and they are the people that can make or break your attendee's experience. This guide will help you recruit an amazing team that will make your festival stand out in front of the competition and leave your attendees excited for next year.

The Volunteer & Event Staff Recruitment Guide For Festivals-min (1)

Setting Your Event Up For Success

Every Great Event Starts With An Exceptional Team

Build An Outstanding Event Team

Attract and recruit a committed team of event volunteers through a completely customizable recruitment process to ensure each volunteer is placed in a role where they can thrive.

Manage & Engage In Real-Time

Provide a spectacular attendee experience every time by responding to changes and staying connected to your event volunteers and staff in real-time through InitLive's mobile app.

Grow & Optimize Your Event Operations

Streamline your event volunteer management operations and manage multiple events through a single end-to-end solution to optimize and evolve your events to scale year-over-year.


What our customers say

"Working with InitLive has been a great experience, the customer service is unparalleled and the software meets our requirements extremely well. I can highly recommend InitLive to anyone looked for a reliable scheduling software capable of large-scale self-scheduling (I've used it to create a schedule for up to 3000 people) where the schedule does not require significant alterations post-import."

"Previously, I hadn't been using a volunteer management software, and I found the volunteer side of events daunting, but colleague of mine told me about InitLive earlier this year and I decided to try it. I've honestly never felt so organized and in control. I knew I could communicate with any of my volunteers at the touch of a button."

"I can't say enough about this app. It really made scheduling volunteers for our conference much easier. There are a ton of videos on how to use it, and customer support cannot be beaten. They are truly proactive in meeting your needs. They will sit down and explain the system to you and help with anything you need. The app is great, but the customer service is world-class."

 Centralized Volunteer Management Software

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