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InitLive is the most comprehensive and user-friendly volunteer management solution for programs and events, offering efficient volunteer recruitment, scheduling management, communications, and reporting to help your organization increase its positive impact. 

Gini Douglas

InitLive has made my life 100 times better compared to our previous volunteer management system. Before InitLive the on-boarding process could take up to five hours just to take care of the back end administrative work for one volunteer. Using InitLive, especially with the features that they have enabled, I don't even see an application until the volunteer has uploaded every single document that we need." -Gini Douglas, Patient Experience, Volunteer Supervisor, George Washington University Hospital

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An Industry Leading Volunteer Management Software

Plan and manage all your volunteer programs and events with InitLive's centralized volunteer management solution and enjoy the best user experience and customer service on the market. 



The COVID-19 Guide To Evolving Your Volunteer Management Process

This guide has been created to help organizations start evolving their volunteer programs to protect their volunteers and communities while supporting those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Volunteer Management Solution Features

Everything you need to create an inspired volunteer program  in a single solution

Recruitment & Application Management

Recruit a fantastic team of committed volunteers through a customized application process and find the perfect role for them to thrive in and make a positive impact.


Fast & Easy Volunteer Scheduling

No matter how simple or complex your volunteer schedule is, InitLive makes building it easy. From multiple calendar views to color-coded shifts and best match technology, no shift will go unfilled.

Mobile Volunteer Management & Communications

Provide your volunteers with all the information they need to succeed through a convenient mobile app. Automatically send shift updates and easily communicate with them from anywhere.


Optimize Your Program to Inspire and Retain Volunteers

Track your program's performance to continually refine and improve your plan to offer your volunteers a better experience year over year.