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Volunteers using InitLive's volunteer management solution

Do More For Your Nonprofit Mission. 

Let InitLive's volunteer management solution take care of your volunteers so you can expand your programs.

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Extend Your Reach 

Your community has growing needs. Imagine the good your organization could do with 70% more time. 

To run an organization with volunteers, you need to recruit, onboard, schedule, and engage the right people. 



Expand You Programs

 Expand Your Programs 

InitLive gives volunteer managers
their time back to spend it where
they're needed the most.


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Prove your Impact

Prove Your Impact 

With complete, centralized data, you can tell the story of the social impact you are making through your volunteers.

In addition, you can optionally share data with Salesforce to get a complete view of donors and volunteers. 


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Gini volunteer manager


"InitLive has made my life 100 times better compared to our previous volunteer management system.


-Gini Douglas, George Washington University Hospital 



Volunteers Love InitLive 



Reduction in

 Staff & Volunteers
Patents Granted &

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Is it Time for You to Invest In

Volunteer Management Software?


Are volunteers the core of your organization?

YES! If you depend on volunteers to accomplish your mission, and deliver your programs. A volunteer management solution could be the right investment. 


  Do you have too many moving parts?     

YES! If the number of programs, people, details, shifts, emails, and texts are overwhelming, you could be holding your organization back.


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We Started Out As Volunteers 


Now we build volunteer management software to help you do more good in less time while empowering your volunteers.


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A Single Solution For Managing Your Volunteers 

What more could your organization do with InitLive on your side? 

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