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An All-in-One Staff and Volunteer Management Solution for Programs and Events

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InitLive Solutions 

Whether you are running an event with 5000 staff or a nonprofit program with 75 volunteers, InitLive can help you reduce administrative time and streamline your management process to meet your goals.


Event Staff Management Solution

Streamline your event staff management process and offer an exceptional attendee experience. 

Event Staff Management Solution



Volunteer Management Solution 

Create an inspired volunteer program through a simplified volunteer management process. 

Volunteer Management solution Product Image


InitLive For SalesForce

A seamless two-way connection for flawless volunteer data management between Salesforce and InitLive. 

Salesforce Volunteer Management Connector



Donating Volunteer Management Solution To Mobilize Volunteers For COVID-19 Relief 


We are currently offering to donate our volunteer management solution to organizations that need to mobilize people to aid in the COVID-19 relief efforts. The InitLive software platform is trusted by non-profit organizations worldwide to streamline operations throughout the recruitment, scheduling, and deployment phases of their programs. To learn more about our COVID-19 relief donation offer and how your organization can benefit, please click the below button and fill out the form.

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 A Solution With Endless Flexibility 

A Leading All-In-One Solution

Improve visibility and save valuable time and resources through a single end-to-end solution for pre, during and post event and program management.

Volunteer Signing up for event

Sign Up & Recruitment 

Build a reliable network of skilled, loyal & committed volunteers and staff. Simplify your staff and volunteer sign up and recruitment with our easy web-based process. Customize your registration form for individuals and groups to ensure you build an amazing team.

Man Using Event Staff and Volunteer Scheduling tool


Experience the efficiency of our powerful drag and drop smart scheduling. Quickly schedule individuals and groups based on their unique skills, qualification, and availability to match the right people to the right roles. 

Event Coordinator Using Volunteer Management App

Mobile Management & Communications 

Stay connected with the InitLive Mobile App. Update your schedule, reassign shifts and communicate directly to individuals or groups to keep things running smoothly right from your mobile device. The InitLive Mobile App ensures everyone is kept in the loop.

Optimizing Volunteer Management  Program

Track and Optimize 

Streamline your staff and volunteer tracking in a centralized database. Easily identify opportunities for improvement and best practices with detailed historical reports to continue to optimize your operations. 

API Integration 

Reduce administration and data entry by connecting InitLive to your existing tools through open API or CRM integration and further streamline your management process.

5 Star Customer Service 

 You deserve the best, which is why we are proud to offer 5-star rated customer service.  Choose from multiple support and training packages and your designated Customer Success Rep will help you and your team thrive.

Easy User Experience

An exceptional user experience that makes complex problems simple with customizable settings and flexible views, empowering you to work your way. 

Trusted & Proven

Join a network of industry leaders in event staff and volunteer management. 

Staff & Volunteers




Tracked Check-Ins


"A simple thing that takes me five minutes today with InitLive took a couple of hours before. It makes me feel good to know that when a team member comes to me and goes, 'Can we get more volunteers for this or change that?' Literally, it takes me a minute."

Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel
Academy of Country Music Awards

"With the InitLive app, we can take care of a volunteer's issue in under five minutes, saving 45 minutes and frustration. Reducing a day of frustration and keeping our volunteers happy is essential. InitLive takes the frustration out and being organized and being able to access things all in one spot during the event"

Matt Shclake
Indy Premier Soccer Club

"It's worth the investment in your volunteers. InitLive is worth every dollar to be able to streamline and better manage, communicate, organize your volunteers. It allows you and your volunteers to focus on what is really important."

Jaci Feinstein
Social Media Examiner

"InitLive made volunteer scheduling and recruitment easy and the Broadcast feature provided a sense of security throughout the event.

Julian Selody 
TD Ottawa Jazz Festival

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