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Open Application Programming Interface (API)

The InitLive technology platform was built with a unique focus on ease of integration. Our API enables your technical team to incorporate volunteer data directly into your existing software systems and workflows.



Work Together Seamlessly

Integrate InitLive data with the existing software tools you use every day to eliminate information silos, unify mission reporting, and streamline your everyday operations. Sharing information by connecting your tools creates efficiencies in your processes, enhances overall productivity, and improves reporting accuracy across your organization.


Modern and Easy-to-Use Technology

Our API consists of six RESTful endpoints collections. Together, they allow access to the core data and functionality of our products.



User Information

Create, read, update, and delete volunteer data including tombstone and custom question answers. 



Opportunity Information

Manage event and opportunity information for your organization.


Scheduling Information

Create, read, update, and delete schedule data for any schedule.


Extended Attributes

Manage metadata and extended attributes like colors and language preferences.


Tag Information

Manage your unique data tags across volunteers, opportunities, and shifts.



Service Time Information

Access detailed check-in/out logs and summarized hours worked.

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Looking to Learn More?
Access to our powerful APIs are available on any Feature Plan for a small incremental fee. Our sales team is happy to facilitate a discovery session with your technical team to discuss any questions related to specific use cases.
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