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May 3, 2017 9:08:00 AM by InitLive

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Event Staff Show Up

Volunteer Management


It's the day of, you've got your checklists, name badges, tasks to be handed out...and half your staff doesn't arrive. It's the ultimate event planning nightmare, and it happens more than we'd like to think. By necessity, we often rely on volunteers and handshake agreements which can lead to day of no-shows = huge headache for you. 

Here are 3 ways to make sure your event staff show up when you need them. 

1. Reminders

We all forget things sometimes and it's possible that friend of a friend who said they'd help a month ago truly did forget. So, remind them and don't be afraid to over communicate! Send event reminder / update emails a week before and the day before. Send reminders and shift alert notifications through the InitLive app. And, there's always the good old phone tree option for smaller events! Starting with your most reliable staff, have every person call or text the next people in the tree. This helps keep people accountable. 

2. Training

A little training can go a long way. Even just walking through duties with staff before the event reminds them of their vital role in making sure your event runs smoothly. This will, hopefully, make them less likely to drop out at the last minute. Alternatively, take a more blunt approach - simply be transparent about how important it is that they show up, and show up on time.  

Be sure to train those in supervisory roles in some communication techniques - like reminders! For everyone else, make sure they know who to contact if they find that they're running late or simply cannot show up at the last minute. 
The more connected that everyone feels to the event beforehand, the more responsibility they will feel towards the event.

Be thorough about this - if any volunteers do not show up, call them up or send them an email. Be proactive by having someone take a video of your training session so that you can share it online in case you have a lot of people who can't physically be there.

3. Check-in Status

Make sure all your staff check-in on arrival. The InitLive app makes this super easy for your staff and volunteers. This will help you to always have a clear idea of who's on site and what holes need filling. By using a tool to monitor check-ins, you can also hold your staff accountable. If they are wanting to complete volunteer hours, you'll be able to refer back to reports indicating their hours of involvement. 

The bottom line, make your staff and volunteers feel needed. If they recieve reminders, the training materials they need to feel confident, and a means to easily communicate with their supervisors, they will feel in the loop as a key player who is contributing to the success of your event.

For even more tips on managing event volunteers, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide for Managing Volunteers

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