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Aug 15, 2019 11:51:00 AM by InitLive

5 Fun Activities For Spectators At Your Next Endurance Event

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Sporting events are one of the best ways to bring together athletes and spectators alike for a day of light-hearted entertainment. A good endurance event should not only provide a safe, appropriate venue for the participants but engaging activities for the spectators to engage in as well. Here is five ways to ensure the spectators of your next sporting event enjoy an experience they won't forget.

1. Kids Obstacle Challenge

One surefire way to ensure children present at the sporting event are both occupied and entertained is to provide an obstacle course. Not only do obstacle courses encourage problem solving and critical thinking, but there are also a number of obstacle courses which require minimum to no prep.   

2. Spectator Costume Contest

Many sporting events such as races provide costume contests for the participants should they decide to wear a costume during the event. Holding an additional costume contest for the spectators allows them to experience the same fun without participating in the sporting event. Decide on theme and then choose a winner based off the criteria of your choosing such as originality, creativity, or adherence to theme.   

3. Live Music 

Live music could be just the thing you need to bring your sporting event to the next level. The use of music at sporting events is an age-old practice you can use in a number of ways including building the energy of spectators and fans, entertaining during intermissions in the event, or simply providing atmosphere.   

4. Face Painting 

Face painting is a growing activity amongst spectators for sporting events across the globe. Alongside their favorite team's jersey, face painting is a fantastic way for fans to show support during the event. A booth where spectators can get their face adorned with the colors of their favorite team is an excellent way to encourage creativity of spectators and attendance of future events. 

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5. Food Truck Tailgate Party

Tailgate parties are the game before the game of any sporting event. By adding food trucks into the mix, the tailgate experience before your sporting event is sure to provide great entertainment and quality food before the event even begins. Spectators can share in the tradition of comradery and community-building while also supporting their favorite teams.  

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