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5 Reasons Why Communication With Your Event Staff is Essential

Posted by InitLive on Dec 21, 2018 9:07:00 AM

Communicate-with-event-staffCommunication in life is key -- especially when planning events. In fact, if you think about it, you can always trace a glitch in an otherwise seamless event back to some sort of lapse in communication. So we've gathered some top reasons why communication with your event staff is essential.

1. Communication establishes a chain of command.

As your event gets larger each year, you'll notice that the last minute swarm of volunteer questions increasing. By establishing a chain of command, you can put in place lead roles that handle on-the-floor instructions during the event so that you don't have to be everywhere. Your team members will feel confident getting the information directly from their area lead, and you'll be freer to manage the big picture.

2. Staff updates and no-shows won't be a surprise.

InitLive gives you real-time updates during your event to identify no-shows and late-comers and make instant schedule adjustments. That way, you'll avoid gaps in service to your guests.

3. Emergency and safety issues are addressed immediately.

Whether there's an incident in the parking lot or a major spill in the reception hall, clear communication is essential. By allowing event staff the ability to report unexpected issues, you or your lead roles can contact the appropriate responders, ensure that the issue is properly addressed, and give and receive updates.

4. Event staff need to access routine documents.

Whether they need to refer to that instructional tutorial one more time, or just access online instructions, your new or inexperienced event staff will feel confident knowing that they have information right at their fingertips. Provide convenient access to these event documents via InitLive's event day app.

5. Two-way feedback improves motivation and performance.

Finally, by allowing your team members to give and receive feedback -- during the event as well as and before, during and after the big day -- they'll feel that their voice is heard. At the same time, they'll be able to learn from any challenges they faced, and will be motivated and prepared for the next event.

With InitLive, you'll stay in constant communication with your event staff. And you'll streamline your communications, providing your team members with all the information they need to make your event a success.


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