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Oct 12, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

7 Ways to Make Managing Multiple Events MUCH Easier

Event Design

It's a Wednesday night, it's late. You're not relaxing like you should be -- you're trying to remember how far you got into setting up the party for your local club, or the meet and greet for the mayor's wife, plus there's a third event you're supposed to start within the next two days, before the other two are even finished. When you're managing multiple events, how do you keep them all straight? Here are 7 tips to help you keep all your clients in line and your event planning running smoothly. 

1) Create a Template - Build a basic template that outlines the things that go into every event you plan. Theme / brand, staff and volunteer needs, signage, decorations, caterer, and a list of contacts ought to be a part of your framework. Is there something you're known for? If so, make sure that's on there too.

2) Color Coding - It might sound simple, but if you keep all of your documents in one file, or all in one spot online, what's to keep you from mistaking one file for another in the heat of the moment? Instead, keep everything tagged with colors. If you only use one color per project at a time (say, having six projects but not repeating colors for any of your 'live' projects), you'll have a psychology-backed method of keeping your files straight. Looking to color-code your event schedule for your staff and volunteers? InitLive makes that easy.

3) Create a Checklist - Create goals for the tasks you want to check off each day. Use a tool like Wunderlist to have your checklist with you on your phone wherever your go and to share with whomever you like. Incorporating a checklist can also make use of the template that you used earlier, and help you to keep on track 'til you have a completed event. 

4) Delegate - The more helping hands you have, the more you can accomplish in the same amount of time. Assign tasks based on where everyone's individual strengths are. Use a tool like InitLive to help make volunteer recruitment a painless process.

5) Use your Tech - Utilize tools like Google Docs while planning. Share them with the people you need and you'll always know that they have the most up-to-date document. When everyone has the same documents, you don't need to worry about things like:

"But I have it right here, it says--"

"Yes, but that's not the latest version!" 

6) Tech Tools like InitLive are also great to manage and keep in contact with volunteers before, during and after your event. If you can't keep track of who you have at your disposal, how are you going to put them to work? Avoid a stressful scramble by being prepared with the right tools.

7) Implement Processes to Automate What you Can - Don't waste what little time you have sending out reminder emails. When it comes to communicating with your volunteers, you can send personal schedules to targeted groups or in bulk using InitLive.  For ensuring that your registered attendees show up, we recommend using tools like MailChimp to send a timely reminder.

Managing multiple events is sure to make your head spin from time to time. We hope these tips will help eliminate the dizziness that comes with it and help you feel like an event management master.

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