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Nov 19, 2019 11:30:00 AM by InitLive

Event Cancellation- The Complete Guide

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 Event Cancellation- The Complete Guide

Sometimes, even after the most extensive planning and preparation, events get canceled due to unavoidable circumstances. It can happen due to several reasons like a sudden natural calamity or the venue becoming unavailable at the last moment or the main performer bowing out with no time to find a replacement. Whatever the reason be, once it is decided that the event is canceled, there are certain things that you, as an organizer, can do to make the process graceful. 

Read on to know more about what to do in the unlikely scenario that your event gets canceled.

1. Communicate Immediately

The first thing to do is to communicate with the attendees about the cancellation of the event. Make sure to state the reason for the cancellation. It is best to send personalized emails or make individual phone calls instead of just sending out a mass message. Your attendees will appreciate the professionalism and you can expect them to participate in your future events in that case.

2. Stop Taking Bookings and Refund Everyone

Needless to say, any booking process in place must be stopped immediately. At the same time, you will have to ensure that the booking fees are refunded to the attendees as per the agreements in place. 

For event cancellations, usually full refunds are made for any tickets purchased. In case your event is getting postponed to a different date or venue, you can offer to hold the ticket at a percentage price or refund fully- as per the buyer's choice. As all these measures are put in place make sure to continue to communicate with all stakeholders to avoid confusion and conflicts.

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3. Inform the Event Suppliers and Contractors

All the suppliers and contractors for the events must be informed so that they do not proceed with their preparations any further. Remember to get in touch with the caterers, electricians, decorators, etc. and discuss with them how the refunds will be handled. 

4. Handle Financials as per Contracts

In continuation of the above point, it is essential to have iron-clad contracts in place to handle financials in case of event cancellation. This helps you in deciding how to disburse payments and get refunds when the services of the event suppliers are no longer needed. Once an event is canceled, refer to your contracts before taking any financial steps. 

5. Cease All Promotional Efforts

All promotional efforts for the event must be stopped as soon as it gets canceled. Failure to do so can send the wrong message to your attendees and that is not desirable. Instead, your social media channels can actually display the message of the event cancellation so that everyone is informed of the situation. 

6. Update Your Volunteers

It is crucial to update your event volunteers on time about any change in plans, including a cancellation. Volunteers are the backbone of any event and communicating with them regularly is necessary. A great way to do this efficiently is by using technology solutions like the InitLive tool. Our product lets you stay connected with your volunteers and communicate on a real-time basis. What's more, the tool also stores essential information about your volunteers so that you can find suitable people for your future events, if necessary.

While event cancellations are never easy, especially when a lot of hard work has already gone in, it is necessary to handle them properly. Following the above-mentioned steps will help you in managing such a scenario with minimum disruption.

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