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Jul 31, 2020 11:45:00 AM by InitLive

Must-Have Recruitment Features In a Volunteer Management Software

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment

Must-Have Recruitment Features In a Volunteer Management Software

Volunteer recruitment is an essential part of any nonprofit organization's operations, but all too often recruiting volunteers can be an overwhelming task for volunteer program management and coordinators. Finding the right volunteer management software to lighten the load can be overwhelming; here is a list of must recruitment features to look out for in a volunteer management software.

Customizable and Branded Online Opportunities and Organization Page 

When it comes to recruiting volunteers  to a cause, it's all about sharing the right information to come to a decision quickly. So that means your volunteer management system needs to offer you an easy way to create and promote your organization's brand, mission, and volunteer opportunities efficiently, whether it's on your website, through social media or on an email blast. 

So does that look like when you are shopping for a tool? Well here is a list of recruitment features to look out for:

  • A System That Can Manage Multiple Programs and Events For Your Organization  - You will want a single database that collects all the volunteer data during the recruitment process and allows you to manage multiple ongoing volunteer programs and events simultaneously. 
  • Customizable Online Recruitment Pages - You will need the flexibility to create a branded recruitment page for your organization and opportunities. Look for a system that offers you the flexibility to customize the page to inform potential volunteers about your work. 
  • Publicly Available Shifts and Opportunities - Streamline the recruitment process by publicly sharing your available shifts and opportunities that you are currently looking to fill. 
  • Opportunities Iframe For Your Website - Your website is the first place volunteers look for opportunities, you should take advantage of that by selecting a system that offers you an easy way to promote all your unfilled shifts and opportunities through an Iframe on your website.

Flexible Volunteer Registrations/Application Forms and Workflow 

Every organization has its own volunteer on-boarding process. Your volunteer management software should offer you the flexibility to build a volunteer registration process that works best for your organization's specific needs. So what does that really look like? It would be best if you had the flexibility to choose how simple or robust your volunteer registration or on-boarding process should be. For example, are you simply looking to recruit volunteers to work a one time fundraiser? Then maybe a small form completion, and then your volunteers can sign up for shifts in a matter of a few minutes. 

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers with a particular set of skills and qualifications for more complex work. This requires a more robust application process that requires an in-depth form, file and certification submission, and a screening process. An administration assigns the volunteers the shifts they are qualified to work. Many organizations need the flexibility of both a complex and simple volunteer registration process, depending on which program or initiative they are recruiting for.  

To help you evaluate your needs, here is a list of common functional requirements for a volunteer recruitment tool: 

  • Flexible Volunteer On-boarding Workflow- You should be able to turn steps on and off 
  • Customizable Form Questions With Logic Based Sub Questions -This allows you to ask relevant follow-up questions 
  • Self Sign Up, and Admin Assignment- You should be able to decide if you want your volunteers to sign up for their own shifts or if you want to assign shifts to volunteers
  • Availability Collection- Volunteer should be able to enter when they are free to work 
  •  File and Certification Submissions - This allows you to collect relevant files during the registration process to help with screening

The right volunteer management software can make a world of difference in recruiting committed volunteers to your organizations. InitLive's volunteer management solution offers organizations like yours all of the above features and so much more. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start recruiting volunteers with InitLive, click the below button to watch our demo video.

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