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Jul 7, 2020 9:53:21 AM by InitLive

Preparing for Event Management Post-COVID-19

Event Planning, COVID-19

Preparing for Event Management Post-COVID-19As states and countries begin the reopening process with new regulations, many people are jumping to restart their events and reconnect with their friends, family, and associates.  Reassure your clients that you will continue with the plans, but also have resources available to know how to safely move forward with rescheduled events. 

Mass gathering restrictions may vary by country and municipality, so our list should only be part of your research. Please note that we have included resources from specific countries because they are useful tools. These resources may also evolve over time as information is updated. Please check back often.

  • Canada's risk-assessment matrix takes into account the key aspects of any event and how high risk they are. They offer a few generic alternatives. This is a good resource to help explain the changes necessary to a client.
  • (US) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Event Guidance provides a fairly thorough list of risk-management tasks you can, and should, act on to reschedule and move forward with any events.
  • (US) Event Safety Alliance's E-Book Guide requires a sign-up but is very comprehensive in offering alternatives to your new event. Regardless of the type of event, venue, crowd, or time-frame, there are suggestions that will help.
  • World Health Organization's key planning recommendations include an information-dense online download with references. More detailed information on the general considerations of this page is listed below.
  • World Health Organization's updated food safety
  • World Health Organization's logistics for Points of Entry and Mass Gatherings

Key Takeaways

Social Distancing at a Social Event

The logistics that you used to know like the back of your hand have drastically changed. Buffets, dance floors, handshakes, and registration are either disappearing or need restructuring to function within social distancing guidelines.  The above resources allow you to come to your own conclusions about your event, but this article provides a brief overview of what this may look like.

Consider Event Virtual

Depending on what restrictions your area is under, an online or live-stream event may be the only option. PCMA covers everything you need to know about hosting an event online.  You will have to sign up for their resources, but the information is priceless and otherwise free. The most comprehensive one we've found covers the basics of event strategy, design, and engagement online.

Stay Informed  

As you continue to plan for future events it is imperative that you continue to monitor changing regulations. Things change very quickly and you must be ready to adapt quickly and communicate with you key stakeholders.