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Jan 31, 2018 9:02:00 AM by InitLive

Roadshow Events: Staying Organized When You're on the Move

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As the world of modern marketing continues to evolve, event planners eager to make an impact are often looking to outside-the-box tactics. While mobile events certainly aren’t a new concept - having been around since the days of horse and carriage - this unique way of reaching consumers has seen an exponential rise in popularity in recent years.

But with multiple dates comes additional factors to consider, and plans can quickly unravel if you don’t stay organized throughout. In today’s post, the mobile marketing experts at The Events Structure are offering their insights on this topic, giving you their top tips on staying organized when you’re on the move.


With so much preparation required ahead of each leg on your tour, it can sometimes be nearly impossible to keep up. From pre-event promotion to onsite logistics and liaising with staff, planners have a lot to stay on top of - and that’s where automation can offer a helping hand. While some elements of event planning will always require a watchful eye, not all of them have to be done live or manually.

Email marketing is one tool that can be set up in advance, removing the need for you to draft and launch campaigns while your road trip is taking place. Whether you use segmented lists to email attendees from each location on your tour or set up an automatic email system for when someone new signs up, save yourself loads of time by taking advantage of email automation.

Social media can play a pivotal role in event activity, so it’s no surprise mobile event organizers engage with their online audience through these platforms before, during and after their tour. Scheduling is your best friend here, providing a convenient way to plan out your social media strategy before you’ve even left the start line. Twitter and Facebook both have inbuilt post schedulers, but for other platforms like LinkedIn or Google Plus, you could download a free tool like Buffer or Hootsuite.


As every event planner knows, organizing staff can be tricky - even just for a single date. So when it comes to multi-date event tours, things can become even more complicated. From pre-roadshow recruitment to varying shift requirements and last-minute changes, there are many aspects to managing staff and volunteers - and they can become a headache if you don’t organize them effectively. Preventing mistakes is as simple as keeping everything contained, streamlined and efficient - and, with software like InitLive, you can ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


When organizing a multi-date roadshow event, it can sometimes feel like an impossible workload - and that’s often because it is. You can’t keep your eye on everything, so focus on the elements that match your expertise and require your input. This way, you can spend more time on the parts of planning that matter most instead of on tiny details that could be handled by other team members. And if you’re the sole organizer, don’t bite off more than you can chew.


Timing can make or break success when it comes to a mobile event, which is why it’s critical you nail it from the get-go. Underestimating set-up time and not accounting for factors like traffic or weather are both common mistakes first-time roadshow event producers can make - and it’s all down to ineffective time planning. While some flexibility is always helpful, you should set strict cut-offs where necessary. If you know the next destination is a few miles away, plan in more than enough time to arrive there so you can give yourself an additional buffer if needed - as leaving late can have a dramatic knock-on effect on the rest of your tour schedule, and therefore its overall success. 

Whether you’re promoting an event or engaging with attendees through an on-the-road campaign, mobile marketing can pack a lot of potential for savvy event producers. And with our organization tips, you can enjoy a successful event tour, too!

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