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Feb 11, 2020 11:30:00 AM by InitLive

The Ultimate Volunteer Management Guide For College Sporting Events

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The Ultimate Volunteer Management Guide For College Sporting Events

University sporting events require a tremendous amount of planning. Sports competitions in higher education depend largely on volunteer support from within the university, the surrounding community, and the families of athletes. So if you're planning your university's next game, you'll want to read our volunteer management guide for university sporting events.

Hiring a professional volunteer coordinator 

According to the Sports Planning Guide, the very first step is hiring a volunteer coordinator. A volunteer coordinator needs highly developed interpersonal skills and high energy. And because they'll deal with everyone from parents and coaches to university departments and VIPs, they'll need the mediating skills of a professional arbitrator. It's also helpful if the volunteer coordinator has first-hand athletic experience and is comfortable working with communication technologies.   

Establishing a volunteer management plan

Volunteer management plans can be divided into five stages: 1) pre-recruitment; 2) recruitment and screening; 3) training and on-boarding; 4) event-day supervision and performance evaluation; and 5) awards recognition events and post-event wrap-up. During the event, they'll oversee registration, monitor self-scheduling and attendance, and rate performance. As the event comes to a close, they'll plan awards recognition ceremonies, conduct performance reviews, and file reports.

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Orientation and training

Sport Advisory writes that today's volunteers are looking for experience, opportunity, and contacts, so motivated volunteers expect well thought-out training sessions in addition to an on-site orientation where they can get to know their peers. During training and orientation, you'll need to establish and communicate a wide variety of policies, including dress code and conduct, customer service requirements, attendance and self- scheduling, and safety policies.   

Volunteer benefits and incentives

Recruit motivated volunteers by advertising incentives for top performers. Giving away wearable swag with the event logo for completing ongoing training is a great example. And as rewards for high performers, provide free-bees or discounts on coveted events, hotel stays for family members, and concessions. Lastly, be sure to include an awards and recognition ceremony, which will draw valuable support from the surrounding community. 

The right technology

Finally, for each stage of your event planning, you'll need to make all your documents accessible through one tool. This includes communication, safety procedures and policies, registration and scheduling, tutorials and training, and any sports community forums and reviews.  

InitLive is the industry leader in providing an all-in-one event management tool. It combines document storage, real-time communication, and safety so that you have everything you need to manage your event on one device. For more information on how you can use InitLive at your next university sporting event, please contact us. Make sure to download out free guide below!


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