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In it for Event Success
Social Media Examiner Invests in Its SMMW Conference Volunteer Program


Every year, thousands of attendees from all over the world come to the Social Media Examiner's three-day mega-conference, Social Media Marketing World (SMMW). But the event had become so popular, event staff found, old methods of volunteer management were no longer as effective. Today the SMMW conference volunteer program is more connected, efficient, and focused than ever. Read on to discover why the Social Media Examiner invests in their conference's volunteer program each year with InitLive.

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Topics: Success Story, Conference Event Management

Learn How Indy Premier Soccer Club Tournament Saved 88% of Time Managing Volunteers With InitLive


If you're an event planner, you know how important it is to keep in direct contact with your volunteers -- and how much time you lose when you don't. According to a recent case study, the Indy Premier Soccer club tournament event recently saved 88% of the time it usually took to successfully manage volunteers during its major fundraiser, the IPSC Annual Halloween Classic. Read on to see how InitLive made the soccer club's annual fundraising tournament a smashing success.

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Topics: Success Story, Sporting Event Management

Improving Event Staff Communications by 100% at the Academy of Country Music Awards

How do you manage over 95 staff members, over 415 shifts, and over 2000 working hours for an event? Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel, Volunteer Manager for the Academy of Country Music, had this very question for organizing the ACM Awards in 2019. Difficulties in communication had frequently caused her stress; she simply had too much to manage for what tools she had. She described her situation as "a puzzle that the pieces keep moving" - but somehow, she managed to improve communications for the 2019 ACM Awards. How?

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Topics: Event Management Software, Success Story, Festival Management