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Jun 4, 2020 2:45:00 PM by InitLive

Using A Volunteer Management Solution For The Rise Of Virtual Volunteering

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Using A Volunteer Management Solution For The Rise Of Virtual Volunteering

It may seem like virtual volunteering started recently, but it can be dated back to the 1990s. Project Gutenberg recruited volunteers to transfer works in the public domain to the online world. Thousands have been volunteering each year since then. However, in-person volunteering continued to be the primary method of making an impact. Organizations are having to come up with a volunteer management solution to adapt to the changes. So, why are more people suddenly choosing to volunteer virtually? 

Why Has It Become Popular?

   The main reason why this shift if occurring is because of COVID-19. Nonprofits have to find different ways to interact with their supporters. There has been an increase in virtual activities on Mobilize by 433%. Virtual volunteering may seem as if it does not offer the same satisfaction that being there in person would. However, it is a great way for people with disabilities or without transportation to still help your nonprofit. Not to mention, virtual volunteering is convenient and a safe way to help out. 

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How Nonprofits Are Adapting

   With virtual volunteering becoming more popular, nonprofits need to include it into their volunteer programs. One way you can have people make an impact while staying healthy is with managing Zoom calls. These calls can encourage supporters to write emails or letters to elected officials. If your nonprofit centers around food, then you can host a virtual phone bank. Supporters can then contact local businesses for food donations. Creating a virtual bulletin board is an easy way for people to sign up to run errands for others. Nonprofits will see that a volunteer management solution will be useful in planning these new activities.

   Nonprofits are going to have to assign more administrative tasks than before. Tasks would include data entry, email marketing, fundraising phone calls, copywriting, and graphic design. Organizations will need to use programs to keep track of virtual volunteers. New internet technologies allow for so many opportunities for nonprofits to supervise virtual volunteer work.

Software That Makes Volunteer Management Easier  

InitLive offers a volunteer management solution that makes it easier for your organization to adapt to virtual volunteering. You can plan your programs to be what you need them to be. The program also lets you keep track of volunteers.

We have created a technical guide that can help you retain more of your volunteers, make sure to download it below! 

A Technical Guide To Retain Volunteers

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