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Sep 3, 2019 12:02:00 PM by InitLive

Your Complete Guide to Planning an Endurance Race Event

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Planning an endurance race event is hard work, but rewarding. Race events have a lot of moving parts from registration to spectator entertainment, in order to organize a successful event you need a reliable plan to get started. To ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment, follow these seven basic steps.

1. Choose Location, Theme, Date

Start with the basics. Choose a desirable venue that is easy to access to public transit  and provides ample parking,accessibility is key to higher participation. Select a date that accommodates people's schedules and isn't competing with many other events or holidays. Find a theme that is fun and fits the venue and date.

2. Set Goals and Submit Permits

Set realistic goals for attendance based on available resources. If this is the first year hosting the endurance event, be prepared for smaller numbers. Get permission from the permitting authority where the event will take place and file any necessary paperwork.

3. Find Sponsors

Set a realistic budget that includes expected income (racer registration fees) and expenses (timing, scoring, tents, cones, signage, website design, labor, etc). Utilize sponsorships to boost the income side of the equation. Sponsorships can be monetary or in the form of tangible items. For example, a business might want to donate water bottles for the event or put their logo on the event t-shirt instead of sponsoring the whole event.

4. Create a Marketing Plan

People won't attend an endurance event they don't know about, so marketing is key. Take advantage of social media and websites, but don't forget about old-fashioned posters, flyers, and press releases. Social media ads and google adwords can help you get your event in front of captive eyes but don't over look the power of a friends and family referral program. Start by developing  a marketing calendar that includes who is doing what and when they should be doing it.

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5. Create a Registration Plan 

The easier the registration process, the more likely people are to participate and the smoother your event will go. Offer a way to sign up for the event online with a payment portal ahead of time and an easy day-of registration form. Ensure that you collect required information from participants during the registration process, nothing is worse then collecting a t-shirt sizes through email . 

6. Recruit and Schedule Volunteers 

Volunteers are crucial to an event's success. There are online solutions such as InitLive that can help find recruit and schedule committed volunteers. Establish a chain of command and make sure volunteers are trained before the event. Create a system that allows volunteers to communicate with one another during the event. 

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7. Create Event Day and Emergency Plans 

Have a schedule for the event day and include buffer time for problem-solving. No matter how much you plan, there is always the potential for something to go wrong. Whether there's a thunderstorm or something more sinister, an emergency plan is essential. Develop a plan for emergencies and communicate the plan to event volunteers and participants.

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Follow these tips to host a successful event and be proud of your accomplishments after all of the hard work.