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InitLive Event Volunteer Management Features

Event Volunteer Management Features 

Empower your volunteers with all the tools and information they need to thrive and deliver exceptional event experiences. 

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Event Volunteer Recruitment 

Set the stage for an extraordinary event by recruiting an amazing team of volunteers through a seamless online signup experience. Create a beautiful branded and customized volunteer signup page and registration workflow that collects all the information you need to ensure every volunteer or group is placed in roles where they can thrive.

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Branded Volunteer Sign up Page  (1)

Create a Beautifully Branded Sign Up Page 

Create an exceptional first impression. Promote your volunteer opportunities on a recruitment page, your website through an iFrame, and through all your social channels. Recruiting event volunteers has never been simpler. 

_Volunteer Sign up form

Tailor Your Volunteer Sign-Up Workflow

Provide your event staff with an easy sign-up process while collecting all the information you need through customized form questions. Empower staff to set their own availability to help you find them the best place on your team. 

Volunteer self- shift Sign up

Empower Volunteers With Shift Self Sign-Up

Save time and empower staff to sign up for shifts that work best for them. Allow staff to sign up for the shifts that they are qualified for and provide them the freedom to select the roles they prefer. 

_Volunteer Group Sign up

Recruit Teams Of Volunteers 

Register several team members all through one sign-up, allowing you to manage and schedule a team/group based on their availability and qualifications all in one action.  Saving you time while keeping each team working together.  

Boost Volunteer Engagement 

Send Personalized Communications 

Harness volunteer data from your volunteer management solution to personalize messages, emails, and other forms of communications.

Create Custom Email Templates

Save time and deliver engaging and personalized emails by creating custom email templates for things like welcome emails, shift reminders, birthdays and so much more. 

Send Segmented  Communications 

Easily filter your volunteer team by custom tags like interests, profile data, or activity data to ensure you are always communicating relevant information to the right volunteer.

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Event Volunteer Scheduling 

Creating a volunteer schedule has never been quicker. InitLive’s scheduling tool and "best shift matching" engine RosterMode™ ensures that every volunteer is placed in roles and shifts that are best for them.  Identify and fix frustrating schedule conflicts and errors right away.

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InitLive Volunteer Schedule Features
Drag and Drop Schedule Building (1)

Drag and Drop Schedule Building

Creating an event volunteer schedule has never been easier with InitLive. Save countless hours of time using InitLive's bulk actions, shift duplications, and drag and drop calendar functionality.

_Customize Your Schedule Views

Customize Your Schedule Views

Create a beautiful schedule that allows you to efficiently review and assign shifts through color-coded calendar views and customizable list views. Create a flawless schedule by filtering to see conflicts and errors and easily make the edits needed

Best Match Scheduling

Best Match Scheduling

Matching your event staff and volunteers to shifts has never been faster! Rostermode™ offers "best shift matching" based on qualifications, roles, availability, and shift conflicts ensuring you find the right staff for the right shifts.
Schedule Teams Together

Schedule Teams Together

Scheduling groups of volunteers just got a lot easier! Quickly roster friends, families, or colleagues together in the same shifts. Communicate directly with assigned group leaders to ensure you offer your volunteers a genuinely memorable experience.

InitLive's Patented Real-Time Mobile App 


Volunteer Mobile App

Empower your event volunteers with access to their personal schedules, event details, two-way communications, and real-time notifications right from their mobile devices.  

Volunteer Shift  Check-in  (1)

Equip your team with access to training documents, emergency plans, maps, event details, and their personal schedule from anywhere.

Volunteer Shift  Check-in  (1)

Empower your volunteers to check-in and out of shifts when they are on-site with geo-location tracking, submit their volunteer hours and sign up for more shifts all from their mobile device.   

Volunteer Shift  Check-in  (1)

Keep your volunteers informed whenever something changes like a shift update with real-time notifications and stay connected throughout the event with two-way communications. 

Manager Mobile App 

Manage your volunteers from anywhere in real-time with the only patented volunteer management mobile app on the market to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Volunteer Shift  Check-in  (1)

Quickly respond to problems during your event. Monitor for no-shows, see volunteer attendance rates and fill schedule gaps right from your mobile device.

Volunteer Shift  Check-in  (1)

Quickly send messages to individuals, teams, or all staff using our patented filtering capability.  All communications are guaranteed sent, first as in-app messages, then  SMS, and finally as an email, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Volunteer Shift  Check-in  (1)

Keep track of volunteer engagement through login activity and communication logs. Track no-shows and take notes on performance to ensure you reward your top volunteers to help you build a better team year over year.

Comprehensive & Flexible Volunteer Reporting 

Keep Track of Volunteer Work Hours 

Keep Track of Volunteer Work Hours 

Track and evaluate all the hours worked by individuals or groups through attendance time stamps, geo-location logs and report on the value and impact your team had on your event.

Volunteer Engagement & Performance Tracking

Volunteer Engagement Tracking

Keep track of volunteer engagement through login activity and communication logs and report on performance to ensure you reward your top performers and track no-shows to help you build a better team year over year.

Replicate and Optimize Event Data (1)

Replicate and Optimize Event Data

Save time by replicating your previous event schedule and make adjustments based on your volunteer feedback and your data analysis. Continually evolve your event without any redundant data entry. 

Create Custom Exports to Help Scale Your Event (1)

Custom Exports to Help Scale Your Event

Quickly export the data you need to review and optimize your event. Report on your successes and create a plan to scale your event staff program year-over-year.

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