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InitLive Support
Thorough, friendly & dependable

InitLive Support
Thorough, friendly & dependable

Your event is important to us. At InitLive, we strive to make sure every customer receives quality support and optimal value from the system. Your designated Customer Success Rep. will always greet you with a friendly face and be available to answer any of your questions.

What we offer

All users have free access to training videos, an FAQ Help Center and LiveChat support (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, EST). For those requiring additional support, InitLive also offers a Premium Support Package.


Transitioning to InitLive is easy

We believe that change should be a positive experience, so we make it easy to switch to InitLive.


Getting started with InitLive

We’ll make sure that your transition to InitLive goes as smoothly as possible. Your designated customer success coach will guide you through your event set up and make sure you’re comfortable. Import your existing data via CSV. If there is certain data that you don't want to manually input into the system, we offer data imports. For custom pricing, Get a Quote.


Not ready to let go of your clipboard?

If you still like having some paper copies of your schedule and volunteer information on event day, InitLive allows you to export your data. InitLive also provides a special Event Package that organizes your data in a neat package that you can download & print to help you manage just the way you like on event day.


The staff learning curve

The staff experience has been designed for simple use. To make sure your staff are comfortable in our system, InitLive welcomes them with automated step-by-step instructions when they first login to the web and mobile app. Staff can also easily navigate to special how-to videos, an FAQ forum, and Live Chat Support with an InitLive agent.

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