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The COVID-19 Guide To Evolving Your Volunteer Management Process

This guide has been created to help organizations start evolving their volunteer programs to protect their volunteers and communities while supporting those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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The COVID-19 Guide To Evolving Your Volunteer Management Process (3)


Keep volunteers and attendees safe by learning health and safety protocols and strategies to implement at your events. 

Equip all volunteers with InitLive's app and provide them with the ability to communicate and report important information and ask questions to management and team members from anywhere.

  Collect important volunteers shift information and filter data by shift location, date or shift check-in time stamps, and quickly trace potential exposures and alert staff members.

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We have helped hundreds of organizations recruit, schedule, and manage volunteers. 

Customer Testimonial

"InitLive helped me stay organized. It allowed me to see where I had gaps in my schedule and helped me group shifts together for check-in times. It allowed my volunteer coordinators to come in, review the schedule, and easily see what they need to manage, which was nice." 

 - Katie Kresl ,Volunteer Manager, Wanderlust

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