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Volunteer Manager Using InitLive' VOlunteer Management Solution

Get 70% of Your Week Back For Your Mission.

InitLive's all-in-one volunteer management solution empowers nonprofits to manage more volunteers in less time. 

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If you use a donor management system...

Great. You have the right tool for managing donors and fundraising.
But if volunteers are critical to your achieving your mission you still need a dedicated volunteer management solution. 

If you use ad hoc tools like spreadsheets...

You've been doing what you can with what you have. Well done.
Are you getting to the point where it is impossible to manage the volume of programs, volunteers, and tasks? We can help.

If you use another volunteer management solution....

And if it isn't quite working for you, let's talk. InitLive holds patents for features you won't find elsewhere.
Don't worry about losing your historical data. We can transfer everything for you. 

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 Volunteer Self-Serve Features 

Offer your volunteers an excellent experience
from sign-up to check-out, while providing them with all
the tools they need to thrive




Volunteers can see all of your opportunities and roles listed on your website or branded sign-up page. 

An online application process is easier for volunteers and guarantees that you collect all the information you need for screening and placement.

Volunteer Recuritment Features
Volunteer Qualification and Screen Features



Assess people quickly and automatically so they can get right to the mission.  

Accept or reject applications from your centralized database and make sure that your team has the right qualifications to get the job done. 



Volunteers can see available opportunities and sign up for the roles, tasks, and shifts that work best for them.   

Volunteer managers can use RosterMode™ to match volunteers automatically based on qualifications and availability. 

Volunteer Schedule Features
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The InitLive Mobile App

Equip your managers and delight your volunteers with an outstanding and patented mobile experience.

Managers Can:
- Access the master schedule
- Monitor check-ins & attendance 
- Fill shift gaps and edit schedule 
- Send messages & broadcasts
- Share documents
Volunteers Can:
- Sign up for shifts & opportunities 
- Access their personal schedule 
- Check into shifts and submit hours
- Receive & send communications 
- Access maps and documents 

Manage your volunteers from anywhere in real-time with the only patented volunteer management mobile app on the market.  


Impact Reporting Features

For Managers 

 Know at a glance how your volunteers are contributing,
so you can win funding and tell people what a
difference they're making. 


Volunteer Enagagement and Communication features



Stay connected by sending automated emails to individuals or groups. 

Track hour, keep internal notes and record star ratings on volunteer performance so you can send personalized words of thanks. 




Easily export, review, and report on your volunteer program data to key stakeholders.

Secure funding and optimize your program to make an even larger impact year over year. 


Volunteer Reporting Features


One Week to Extend Your Reach 

A Simple SaaS Solution. 

No installation.  No IT.  No Problem.  

Get onboarded
and receive


Set up your programs and connect your back-office tools.


Go Live and invite volunteers to get started. 


Do You Run Fundraising Events? 

Chances are your fundraising event has been
on hold during the pandemic. 

But when they are back up and running, we can help.
InitLive has event staff and volunteer management tools in its DNA.

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A Buyer's Guide to Volunteer Management Systems.

Need to Convince Your Board to Invest?


We can help you make the case that now is the time for volunteer management software. 


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“We knew it was time to invest in a VMS when our volume started to increase. There was too much happening on every front—too many volunteers, too many opportunities, too much we were trying to manage on our own.”

- Tyler Hutchinson, Artistic Director,

Christian Youth Theatre 

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