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Volunteer Management Solution Features

Helping you build an exceptional volunteer program to meet your goals. 

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 Recruitment & Application Management 

Recruit a fantastic team of committed volunteers through a customized application process and find the perfect role for them to thrive in and make a positive impact.
 Online Volunteer Recruitment
Build a Beautifully Branded Volunteer Sign-Up Page 

Inspire volunteers to make an impact by publicly promoting your opportunities and available shifts on your website through an iFrame and using your sign up page to build your team in no time. 



Customize Your Volunteer Application Workflow and Forms 

Create an excellent volunteer registration experience while collecting all the information, paperwork and availability you need to find them the perfect spot on your team. 



Empower Volunteers to Select Their Preferred Shifts 

Provide your volunteers with the freedom to view and sign up for the shifts and roles that work best for them and offer them a truly meaningful volunteer experience. 

Create Well-Defined Roles With Qualifications 

Leverage your volunteers' strengths and passions through well-defined roles and qualifications to match the right person to the right role and ensure everyone enjoys their time volunteering.



 Quickly Screen Volunteer Applications 

Find the best volunteers to help you meet your goals by accepting or rejecting applications from your centralized database and ensure your team has the right qualifications to get the job done. 



Recruit and Manage Groups of Volunteers 

Encourage even more volunteerism by offering group sign-ups and encourage families, friends, and colleagues to team up and make a meaningful impact together. 

Fast & Easy Volunteer Scheduling

No matter how simple or complex your volunteer schedule is, InitLive makes building it easy.  From multiple calendar views to color-coded shifts and best match technology, no shift will go unfilled. 
 Fast Drag and Drop Scheduling

Build your volunteer schedule quickly with bulk actions, shift duplication, and drag and drop functionality and spend less time on administration and more time on meeting your goals. 

Visualize The Schedule Your Way 

Review and assign shifts more efficiently with clean visuals, color-coded calendar views, and simplified list views.  Filter the schedule to show you what you need to get the job done. 


Roster Your Best Matches

InitLive’s Roster ModeTM engine ensures you have the right people scheduled in the right shifts. Best matches are automatically generated based on qualifications, roles, availability, and shift conflicts. Assigning shifts just got a lot easier!


 Simplified Group Scheduling 

Easily keep the team together by quickly rostering all of them into the same shifts. Send shift confirmations and notifications to group leaders, offering a great volunteer experience they will all remember. 


Mobile Schedule Management

Update your volunteer schedule anytime, anywhere! Effortlessly monitor your schedule from your phone throughout the day.  Fill scheduling gaps and respond to changes quickly on the InitLive mobile app. 


Automated Notifications 

As you make schedule changes, keep your volunteers in the loop and reduce no shows with automated shift notifications and updates. 


Mobile Volunteer Management & Communications

Provide your volunteers with all the information they need to succeed through a convenient mobile app. Automatically send shift updates and easily communicate with them from anywhere. 
Manage a Dynamic Schedule From Anywhere 

Access your entire master schedule through the InitLive Mobile App and respond to changing needs in an instant.  Reallocate resources, and manage no shows while communicating changes to your team automatically, rise to any challenge that comes your way. 


Mobile Self-Check-In and Attendance Tracking 

Supply volunteers with the power to check themselves into a shift with their mobile app or assign someone as a Check-in Administrator™. Watch your shift attendance percentage rise in real-time and fill no-shows quickly. 

 Empower Volunteers With Two-Way Communications

Reduce day-of confusion, by empowering your volunteers to ask questions or inform you of important information throughout the day through their mobile app, enabling each volunteer to thrive. 


Equip Volunteers With Mobile Access to Documents 

Ensure all your volunteers have the information they need to do an extraordinary job by providing them access to maps, training documents and emergency plans right from their phone. 


 Send Targeted and Broadcast Messages 

Quickly send messages to individuals, teams, or broadcast a message to all volunteers. All messages are sent as in-app messages, then sent as SMS text messages, and email as a backup, ensuring everyone stays informed. 

Offer Quick Check-In Though a Kiosk

Save time and administration by enabling your volunteers to clock in and out of their shift using a self-service event kiosk that is compatible with all operating systems and allow them to start making an impact in seconds.  

Optimize Your Program to Inspire and Retain Volunteers

Track your program's performance to continually refine and improve your plan to offer your volunteers a better experience year over year. 

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Advanced Volunteer Hour Tracking & Reporting 

Review all the hours worked and submitted by individuals, groups, or through a log of check-in/out timestamps and report on your program's amazing impact while sharing your appreciation to your committed volunteers. 


 Reward Top Performing Volunteers

Track internal notes and the star ratings on volunteer performance to ensure you send personalized words of appreciation and reward your top performers. 


Create Custom Exports to Optimize Your Program

Easily export, review, and report on your volunteer program data to key stakeholders to help you secure funding and optimize your program to make an even larger impact year over year. 


Replicate and Optimize Data

Save time by replicating your previous schedule or initiative making adjustments based on your volunteer feedback and your data analysis. Continually evolve your program without any redundant data entry. 


 Keep Everything Connected Through API Integration

 Totally eliminate any repetitive data entry and administration time by connecting your organization's CRM and other systems through InitLive’s open API Integration. 



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