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Sep 22, 2020 11:45:00 AM by InitLive

4 Alternative Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas During The COVID-19 Pandemic 

4 Alternative Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas During The COVID-19 Pandemic 

Nonprofit fundraising events are usually the largest generators of funds in the calendar year. However, with continuing restrictions on larger events and gatherings, nonprofits will have to try new ways to raise funds. While nothing will replace the impact of a large group of people coming together in support of the same cause, social distanced and virtual options still offer a chance to try and bring people together for your cause. This article will explore some alternative fundraising event ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure all your participants, volunteers, and staff stay safe. 

 1.Socially Distanced Fundraising Run/Walk

Fundraising runs and charity walks are now turning to hybrid approaches to help enforce social distancing protocols. Some events are continuing with in-person participation with stringent social distancing measures and volunteers to implement them. Others have moved their run to be virtual. Either approach offers your supporters a chance to  lace up and raise awareness and funds for your cause. 

Here are a few examples of an event that have had a winning approach: 

2.Virtual Fundraising Gala or Conference 

If your nonprofit holds a large gala or conference every year to raise awareness for your cause and raise funds in the process, you can keep that tradition even in a global pandemic. So many large events have had to go virtual and have had success with it. There are so many formats and interactive options available to engage your audience virtually. The sky is really the limit on this format. Guests and speakers can still get dressed up and share their support for your cause. You can even add a virtual auction to keep the tradition alive. With a little innovation and imagination, your nonprofit can deliver an exceptional experience to an even larger audience, since there are no geographical barriers online. Hosting a virtual event can allow you to capture  greater awareness for your cause and increase your ability to raise funds this year and for many more years to come. 

 3. Virtual Webinars or Classes 

After many months of sitting at home, people are looking to learn and acquire new skills, offering a golden opportunity for your organization. This may be a novel idea for most nonprofits; however, it offers value for your participants and allows you to continue to host more events in the future if it is successful. Consider recruiting a speaker to present a virtual TED talk on a topic related to your cause and sell virtual tickets to the live show. If that doesn't feel quite right, consider hosting an online class for anything from yoga to cooking and sell class passes. Make sure to reach out to your team of staff and volunteers to see if they would be interested in hosting a class or giving a talk. You never know what hidden talents your network of supporters might have! 

4.Virtual Performance/ Concert 

Benefit concerts have been a go-to for a larger nonprofit organization to raise money for their cause, and COVID-19 does have to end that. Virtual live performances by musicians have grown in popularity over the past few months. Consider capitalizing on the buzz by recruiting a few performers to your cause. If music isn't the best option, consider comedy as an alternative. Once you have secured the talent, all you need to do is market your event throughout all your channels and start selling tickets. You can bring in an international audience to this kind of event, offering you a huge opportunity to raise awareness to your cause. 

Virtual fundraising events offer a short term solution for nonprofits while the COVID-19 pandemic requires greater restrictions on in-person gatherings. However, as regulations open up, people will be motivated to get together at fundraising events, and when that time comes, you will need a lot of support from your volunteers. InitLive offers a  leading volunteer management software for day-to-day programs and events. If your organization is looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline all your volunteer management processes, make sure to check out our demo video by clicking the below button. 

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