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In it for Event Success
Improving Event Staff Communications by 100% at the Academy of Country Music Awards

How do you manage over 95 staff members, over 415 shifts, and over 2000 working hours for an event? Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel, Volunteer Manager for the Academy of Country Music, had this very question for organizing the ACM Awards in 2019. Difficulties in communication had frequently caused her stress; she simply had too much to manage for what tools she had. She described her situation as "a puzzle that the pieces keep moving" - but somehow, she managed to improve communications for the 2019 ACM Awards. How?

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Event Data Best Practices When Managing Staff & Volunteers 

Whether you organize small or large events, today's event planning industry requires that event managers have access to all sorts of data on their volunteers. But there's specific functions your volunteer management tool should have that allow you to access information quickly and make important changes at any time. When choosing a tool that will manage your event data efficiently, you'll want to make sure its functions include the following:

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Why Collecting Data From Staff & Volunteers Is Valuable

Event technology is always providing us with invaluable long term insights on how we plan and run events. Collecting event data on your staff and volunteers, through an event management tool like InitLive, allows you to fully understand the pool of people working at your events. This can lead you to make informed decisions in all areas of the planning process, and who doesn't love that?! Here are different types of event staff and volunteer data which will help you make more meaningful decisions and add value to your event planning:

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Flexible Software: A Must-Have for Event Professionals

And we're talking 'touch your toes' flexibility! Events as a whole are widespread, unique, and each has different requirements of its professionals. In such a dynamic and complex industry, each new day requires different processes and workflows. The technological tools used need to suit every need, or at the very minimum, 90% of them. Is the tool you plan to use sufficient? Will it cover all contingencies? The product in question should be, not only flexible, but robust enough to handle varied and intricate workflows.

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